Hi! My name is Alyona.I'm 14 years old and I'm a little bit an artist. I'm a big Doctor Who fan. And PotO phan. I love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books. And I'm in love with musicals!
So have a nice day and enjoy my blog :)


I’d like to post some of my pics I’ve done today, but my scanner don’t want to work. Should I take a photo of my drawings?

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13 Year Old Raoul asking Philippe why Raoul hasn't gotten his Period yet. Philippe basically spits out his tea every where.


Oh my god

Raoul spends so much time with his older sisters. He always helps them out when they’re on their periods. Where it be run to the kitchen to ask the cook to bake them a chocolate cake or warm up a heating pad for them, little Raoul is always happy to help, especially since it’s the 1870s and women on their menstrual cycles, woman of status, didn’t really leave the house much during their time of the month.

When Raoul is nine, he asks his older sister Emilie how old she was when she bled for the first time. Emilie tells him that she was around thirteen, most people are when they get theirs.

Raoul marks a circle around the date of his thirteenth birthday. He’s terrified. That’s the day he thinks he’s going to get it. He knows it. He’s going to be doubled over in pain and lying on the sofa while stuffing cake in his mouth. The cake doesn’t sound too bad, but Raoul has a low pain tolerance.

It’s his thirteenth birthday. Raoul checks his pants in the bathroom and there’s no blood. He decides to wait a little while. Every time he goes to the bathroom he checks his pants for the entire week. Nothing. He starts to get worried. He’s heard what his sisters have said if it’s late. It could only mean one thing.

Raoul, in tears, runs to his older brother’s study and bangs on the door, “PHILIPPE! PHILIPPE! OPEN UP! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!”

"It’s unlocked!" Philippe calls from the inside.

Raoul rushes in. He sees Philippe sitting at his desk and reading the morning paper while he sips a cup of tea. Raoul is a sobbing mess.

Philippe looks worried, “Raoul? What’s the matter?!”


Philippe spits tea all over the desk an starts to choke. He gathers himself and sets down his cup, “What?! Why on earth would you think that?!”

"Because I’m late!" He cries, "Emilie said that if you miss your cycle then you could be pregnant!"

"Raoul," Philippe stifles a chuckle, "You don’t have a menstrual cycle!"


"You’re a boy!" He tells him, "Raoul, I think you and I need to spend some more time with each other. There are some things I should explain to you."

First day at school. It was fun. But I don’t like our french teacher, I hoped we’ll have another one, well lets wait and see.

And we’ll have to learn only 5 days a week next year. YES. But this year we’ll have 6 days a week, that’s depressing.

I think I should do school tag.

So yep, Outlast once again. I should do it digitaly, i even have an idea for gif.UPD: yes, I forgot about scars on Eddie’s face

So yep, Outlast once again. I should do it digitaly, i even have an idea for gif.
UPD: yes, I forgot about scars on Eddie’s face

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY AMAZING FRIEND! Я желаю тебе всего-всего самого лучшего, волшебного, прекрасного, вечно весенне-летнего, чтобы все, что ты пожелаешь, у тебя исполнилось, чтобы солнышко всегда светило над твоей светлой головушкой и чтобы у тебя все-все-все было хорошо! ♥ (Не могу зайти в ВК почему-то, поэтому поздравляю тут, прости :с) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

О бож, Кать, спасибки :3 (да фигня, я ж все равно тут часто зависаю)